We handle all forms of printing, including many beautiful catalogs, high quality
leather-bound coffee-table books, detailed medical journals, and glossy
magazines. This is relatively easy after all the complex handwork we accomplish
in our children's books.
We offer smythe sewn and adhesive binding, high-speed in-line and off-line
saddle stitching. Our range of binding processes include wire-o, spiral, and other
specialty bindings. We have some of the best pre-press capabilities available,
which complement our high-quality products. We specialize in wet proofs (press
proofing) on your production stock.
We have our own production offices in Hong Kong, New York and Northwest
Montana. We have top executive buyers and production engineers, available to
all our clients, to attain your price target and guide you smoothly through all
phases of your project. We do the press OK's ourselves on your behalf, and we
create our own dummies.